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Consumers of slimming products are continuously being warned about the health dangers associated with purchasing “slimming pills” that contain illegal and dangerous substances – some of which have been associated with strokes and heart attacks. Many Phentermine / Phentermine - like slimming pills that contain these illegal substances do not declare so on their packaging, website or anywhere for the customer to be correctly informed, meaning that even careful consumers could mistakenly ingest the harmful substance without even knowing. The most important thing to remember is just because there are many different alternatives doesn’t mean they are necessarily safe.


Our product phentermine replacement product has undergone rigorous evaluation process, which scrutinizes everything about Phen375 – from the trails of side effects to the conditions under which Phen375 is manufactured. Phen375 passed the rigorous scientific review (similar to and as rigorous as the review of drugs done by the FDA) and was found to be highly effective for a number of specific uses, Phen375 is 100% natural, safe and legal containing no illegal harmful substances.


  • Greater weight loss
  • Greater fat loss
  • Greater drop in cholesterol
  • Greater energy gain

The participants of the phentermine replacement clinical trials were selected by IRB, as were the schedule’s of the tests, procedures, the dosage to be studied, the length of the research, the research objectives and other details were all closely looked at. During the research phase all subjects followed an “ad-libitum diet”. This means zero dietary restrictions were given, and they were allowed free reign to eat whatever they wanted.


Test results showed conclusive efficacy within 7 days time for a fully effective appetite suppressant and metabolic rate booster. During the 7 days subjects were instructed to continue their lives as they normally would – if they exercised, continue to do so, if they didn’t don’t start etc for a true measure of results.


The clinical were results beyond question – all subjects reported no ill effects after ingesting Phen375 and those who included as little as 30 minutes exercise a day had the best results (one subject lost 8 pound), although those who didn’t exercise still reported weight loss of up to 6 pound.


Phen375 is a safe, non-toxic, rapid acting appetite suppressant. This is achieved by selecting and sourcing the highest grade 100% natural, pharmaceutical quality ingredients which then are manufactured within the UK in a FDA and MHRA approved lab for your highest safety. This combined with ability to enhance the efficiency of the metabolism and suppress the appetite, makes Phen375 the ideal choice of slimming pill.

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