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Every single time you eat or drink – you can thank your metabolism for converting the calories from your food into energy. There are many factors that make our metabolic rate faster or slower – age (naturally slows 5% every decade after the age of 40), your gender (men naturally burn more calories than women) and how much muscle you have – the more you have the higher your metabolic rate.


Many people who are overweight are certain that they have gained the extra pounds because of an under-active metabolism – this is true in some cases, some people may find that they consume no more than the daily recommended number of calories, are moderately active and still find themselves putting on weight; in instances like this you most probably have a naturally slower metabolism.


On the other hand, people often consume too many calories and their metabolic rate cannot work fast enough to metabolize the consumed calories – so while these calories should have been used for ‘fuel’, but your body has enough energy at the moment – this fuel will get stored as fat. The faster your metabolic rate, the faster your body is able to break up and convert consumed calories into energy instead of storing it as fat – some people just burn calories at a slower rate than others.


When people suddenly cut down the number of calories consumed (on a crash diet for example) with the hopes of losing weight, you will be putting your metabolism into shock metabolism and thus your body will go into starvation mode – experts believe that calorie consumption below the 1200 average will trigger this. Starvation mode will make your body hold on to whatever ‘energy’ it has, including the stored fat that you are trying to lose – your body wants to keep this to survive.


This is where people wanting to achieve their weight loss goals are always unsuccessful – their dieting efforts often do more harm than good – if you want to succeed and achieve your weight loss goals, this is where Phen375 is specifically formulated to help!


At Biogen Health Science we recognize that increasing metabolism (and controlling appetite) are the foundations of any premium weight loss product; this is exactly what Phen375 is formulated to do. The active ingredients within have been specially selected and extracted to interact with one another to produce an unsurpassed Phentermine replacement product with supreme metabolic boosting properties.


Phen375’s active ingredients have been scientifically proven to target, stimulate and enhance metabolic function – which will hugely increase how fast your body burns off calories, better enabling you to maintain or attain a healthy weight. A number of specially selected natural momoamine alkoids whose medicinal properties are proven to increase the production of the metabolic hormones, Thyroxine (T4) and tri-iodothyronnie (T3) make for a premium phen375 product.


Phen375 will accelerate and promote a healthy metabolism, so you are able to start burning your stored fat – but while consuming less calories when dieting, keep your body from going into starvation mode so  not only will you be able to lose weight, but maintain that weight loss for life.


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