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The primary principle of weight gain is the same for everybody, regardless of age and gender – eat more calories than you burn and you are guaranteed to put weight on. Calorie consumption plays a central part of weight gain and it is something that must be changed in order to start losing weight.


Both men and woman are recommended a daily calorie limit (men 2,500 – women 2,000). People are recommended those specific daily amounts, simply because that’s how much ‘fuel’ we need to get from the food we consume to live a healthy life. Every type of food, regardless of whether it’s healthy or not will contain energy – which is measured in calories – these calories are then burnt up by our bodies (metabolized) to convert them into energy to keep us fueled.


The issue begins when people consume too many calories for your body to metabolize, so this ‘fuel’ will then get stored as fat – to be burnt up when no more food is available.
So why do people over eat? People eat for many reasons other than to get energy from their food, people enjoy food, comfort eat or just eat the wrong things – some people may feel like magic forces are making them eat more, but in-fact the culprit is your brain chemistry. Have you ever wondered why it’s always the sugary unhealthy foods that taste the best? All of the salts, sugars and fats stimulate your brain to release endorphins that signal a pleasurable experience.


Those very endorphins make the sugary and fatty foods more appealing, making you want to eat more of that food. Furthermore, once the food becomes a habit – you won’t get the same satisfaction until you consume foods with more fat and sugar – It’s not just the sugary fat foods that are an issue for overweight individuals. People simply don’t pay enough attention to what they are putting into their bodies, how often and cannot understand when their body feels full.


If appetite was that easy to control we wouldn’t have seen such a huge spike in overweight people around the world over the past few decades. Interestingly eating is the only process that involves the intake of energy – all other processes involves the release of energy, so calorie consumption is a hurdle on the route to weight loss that is ALWAYS going to be there.


Biogen Health Science has one primary mission – to produce a safe and legal Phentermine alternative that will enable people to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Phen375 was formulated to give aid in areas which are the root cause for weight gain – starting with appetite suppression!


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As mentioned previously – we need to consume calories for fuel, so this isn’t something we can just cut out nor control as easily as we would want. Phen375 boasts the most effective and fast acting appetite suppressant qualities available today – without a prescription. Phen375 is formulated to enable its users to safely and comfortably reduce calorie intake while giving you the feeling of satisfaction of fullness that you get after a meal.


Total appetite suppression is achieved by targeting and stimulating the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus is responsible for certain metabolic functions including controlling your food and water intake regulations. A number of Anorectics within our Phen375 formula target the adrenal glands and stimulate the release of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine – these hormones interrupt the brains signal to the body that it’s time to feel hungry and accelerates the feeling of satisfaction or fullness that you usually get after a meal. By regulating and controlling the release of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine Phen375 users are comfortably enabled to control eating behavior and eliminate those cravings that stand in the way of weight loss success.


Feeling hungry is the main reason why people eat, and achieving that feeling of satisfaction you get when you are full is the goal. Taking just one (1) capsule of Phen375 will give you the power to fully control you decreased cravings – enabling you to make the healthy food choices that you weren’t able to before.


Phen375 offers the most effective and fast acting appetite suppressant qualities available today, without a prescription. With obesity fast becoming a worldwide epidemic – get in control of your appetite now by taking Phen375.

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