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Phen375 is ideal for those who are over-weight, obese and clinically obese. Great results have been achieved from Biogen Health Science Phen375 users all over the world, who are classed as ‘obese’. Typically people within this category were the main benefiters of Phentermine’s great weight loss properties and were prescribed Phentermine (within the USA) for cycles of 3-4 weeks. It was classed as a “scheduled” drug due to the addicting side effects and also people had the tendency to over use it.


Boasting powerful appetite suppressant qualities, great results were achieved – but Phentermine wasn’t a long term safe solution for anyone wanting to lose a substantial amount of weight, as people wouldn’t be able to achieve their weight loss goals within such a short period of time. Biogen health science shortly after released our revolutionary Phentermine replacement product – Phen375 – containing only premium quality pharmaceutical ingredients, boasting highly effective appetite suppressant and metabolic rate boosting properties for controlled weight loss – the closest you will get to the real Phentermine without a prescription.


Phen375 has been proven scientifically safe for long term use, with no side effects reported – meaning over-weight, obese and clinically obese individuals are able to achieve an ideal, healthy weight without limited yo-yo prescriptions and ineffective alternatives.


  • Could help to assist in prevention of type 2 diabetes
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Greater Weight Loss
  • Hugely Increases Your Metabolic Rate
  • Designed for long term use – no ‘off’ time required

Whether you want to lose 10 stone or 10 pounds – Phen375 is flexible enough to be taken to suit an array of personal needs and goals. With the strength equal to the prescription Phentermine product, Phen375 give you the boost you require when your own dieting efforts aren’t getting you the results you deserve – enabling you to stay motivated to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


If wanting to lose a few extra pounds, you are not obliged to take the full 30 capsules. Our Phen375 is safe enough to be taken on an ‘as and when required’ basis – If you want to lose a few pound here and there, take Phen375 in weekly intervals or however long it takes you to achieve your weight loss goals. The great thing about Phen375 is it can be taken to 100% suit your personal needs and circumstances.


Fast Effective Weight loss for all


Our fast acting formula contains a number of excipients, to preserve the active Phen375 ingredients, so once ingested the capsule will break down faster within the stomach without receiving less of the active ingredients. Furthermore the human body stores these organic substances for a 24 hour period, meaning each Phen375 capsule will be as effective from when you first ingest it till the next day when you require your next phen375 capsule, enabling your body to remain in fat burning mode all throughout the day while receiving that extra boost to sustain energy levels.


Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you can safely stop taking Phen375 without the worry of gaining any weight back. This is a common concern of all slimming pill users, at Biogen Health Science we have made it our mission to a) provide you with a premium Phentermine replacement product, and b) provide a variety of weekly dieting and weight loss advice on our “Phentremine Weight Loss Blog”, with the aim of helping you learn new techniques to secure a healthier lifestyle, for now and in the future.

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